Soil Moisture Ceramic Sensor BLUMAT DIGITAL works on the following principle:

Once inserted deep into the soil the ceramic cone sensor gauges the power of the roots and indivates the values on the digital display. The higher the number displayed, the drier the soil is around the roots and consequently the thirstier the plant.

The best values for potted plants in potting soil vary between 80 and 120 m bar while for plants in outdoor soils the optimum v values are between 150 and 250 m bar. If the top value is exceeded in either case, this indicates that it is time to water the plant.

Although it is almost impossible, at least in the concentional sense, to determine the ideal time for watering particularly when overwintering, Blumat-Digital makes this possible without any difficulty at all.

At the desired spot all you need to do is simply push Blumat-Digital down into the soil as far as
the insertion mark. It can remain fixed at a single spot or be taken out and used in other places.
Blumat Digital is extremely easy to use. The product comes with a set of instructions and an
overview of optimum moisture values for a wide range of uses.

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Soil Moisture Ceramic Sensor - Tensiometer

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